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Issue No. 47 [Back Issues]
1st June 2005

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Ross Lions hand over the new Bandstand

The new town bandstand was officially handed over to Ross-on-Wye Town Council by Ross Lions yesterday. The idea of building the bandstand was originally proposed by Ross Lions as a 'President's Project' five years ago. The original plan was for a modern type of building, against the bank of the riverside gardens. A local pressure group objected however and progress was delayed.

A further delay occurred last year, when the original hole for the foundations was dug and a cast iron sewer pipe was discovered. Construction of the new building could not take place within three metres of the pipe and so more planning permission had to be sought. Work did eventually commence again earlier this year and the bandstand, officially known as an 'Outdoor Pursuit Centre' for VAT purposes, held its first concert on Holiday Monday, 30th May.

Pictured immediately below are Gordon Lucas, the Mayor of Ross-on-Wye, Bernard Fowkes, PRO of Ross Lions, who saw the project through from beginning to end, David Ravenscrof, the President of Ross Lions and Alan Denham, District Governor of Lions 105W.

The concert began at 3 o'clock on Monday afternoon with a performance by Ross Town Band which on a hot and sunny afternoon, drew in quite a crowd, setting a traditional village green atmosphere, extremely fitting for the new arena.

The official handing over occurred at 4:30 pm during which Mayor, Gordon Lucas thanked Ross Lions for their gift to the town and this was followed by an impromptu display of Belly Dancing by 'Jahmir Middle Eastern Dancers', who had actually come down to watch after performing at the Market House earlier in the day.

The bandstand's first taste of the loud and crazy stuff occurred a little later with a fantastic performance by local rock band, 'Bob's Full House,' during which Bob explained that a 'shih-tzu' is not only a breed of dog. It is also a zoo with no animals.

DJ, Jay Hill provided the compering and between acts, which he did extremely well, especially as he was hired at the last minute - quite literally.

Finally, the day finished with a great performance by the 'Loco All Stars', who are exactly that (stars - not loco). The band on this occasion consisted of, Geoff Downs on keyboards, known for his performance on one of the 'Yes' albums, Paul Martinez on bass (Paul has performed on albums too numerous to mention and is currently working with Dave Edmunds), Niki Hopkins, drummer for Robert Plant and Lyndon Webb of the 'Lovely Jublees' on guitar.

The whole afternoon's entertainment was professionally organized by Councillor, John Davies. Sorry I haven't room to include the photo of your billboard this week, John but I hope this works just as well... 'John Davies is a great builder too and can be contacted on: 01989 567207'. (That's one swimming pool you owe me!)

The new bandstand is a fantastic gift from Ross Lions to all of the people of Ross-on-Wye and is there to be used. Please don't let it go to waste - let's see some great concerts there in the coming months and years! It is a brilliant place to host the coming 'Unintentional Festival', which is currently severely lacking local financial support. Come on Ross - the 'Unintentional Festival' is for you, so please get of your backsides and help in any way you can!!!

Gordon Lucas - Mayor, Bernard Fowkes - PRO Ross Lions, David Ravenscroft - President of Ross Lions and Alan Denham - District Governor of Lions 105W.
Ref: DSC_3036

Ross Town Band play an opening concert at the new bandstand. Ref: DSC_3026

Jahmir Middle Eastern Dancers making an impromptu appearance on Bandstand Opening Day. Ref: DSC_3061

Bob's Full House - the first rock band to perform on the new arena. Ref: DSC_3080

The Loco All Stars round off the evening. Ref: DSC_3136

Sellack Butterflies Celebrate 10 years

Members of Age Concern Mobile Day Centre celebrated their tenth anniversary at Sellack Village Hall on Tuesday, 24th May. The Day Centre has twenty members, some of whom have been attending for the full ten years. Roger Partridge is leader of a group of six volunteers who manage the organization, so that old folk from all around the local area, including Ross Town can enjoy the facilities.

Lunch is prepared at the Ryfield Centre in Ross for the fortnightly gatherings and the Centre arranges three outings per year for its members. The outings are paid for by a regular raffle and 'bring and buy' events.

Pictured below are organizers and visitors to the Centre at the anniversary party last Tuesday: Brian Burrows - Chief Officer, Eileen Capstick - Volunteer, Ann Burke - Mobile Day Centre Organizer, Joyce Moors - Volunteer, Roger Partridge, June Partridge, Joan Rutsch, Jean Gwilliam, Ann Champion, Dennis Gwilliam, May Robertshaw, Angela Bicknell and Mollie Wood - Chairman of the Day Centre.

Ref: DSC_2845

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