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Issue No. 47 [Back Issues]
1st June 2005

This Week - [Visual Arts Day - An Honour for Nigel Griffiths] [Ross Lions' Bandstand - Sellack Butterflies]
[Farewell Jacqui - Around the Schools] [Topical Photography - Archive Ross-on-Wye - JKHS Reunion Ball]

Late news . . .

Apologies for the late publication of this week's Wyenot News, which was due my usual Monday of news writing being taken up by a fourteen hour day of photographing events throughout the town instead. I would have mentioned this in advance but I have to admit that I completely forgot about the coming holiday Monday - it seemed weeks away and suddenly, there it was.

Update Wednesday evening: At the risk of running my bandwidth through the roof, I have just uploaded my photographic record of the whole of Monday's events to the photo gallery. If I photographed you that day, you will be there - there are over 200 photos to view!

Thank you to all those who wrote in this morning to point out my caption mistake - the bottom photograph is of Nigel Griffiths and not Belly Dancers at the Market Place. Sorry - I was severely lacking sleep yesterday! It's reassuring to know just how many people do actually read the news though rather than just look at the pictures, and it was a great way of finding out who does.

Ross Visual Arts Day

Ross-on-Wye Market was a hive of activity on holiday Monday with various stalls and arts and crafts being demonstrated both inside and outside of the historic market building. Crowds were entertained by 'Jahmir Middle Eastern Dancers', local rock trio, 'Trilemma' and 'Circle of Friends', a group of local folk musicians, who all gave excellent performances. Thank you to Mary Powell of the Heritage Centre and Ross in Bloom for arranging this event, which is to be repeated on Sunday, 28th August. Thanks also to Carnival Chairman, Mel Hodges who provided music and entertainment throughout the day.

Gordon Lucas of Lucas Motorcycles provided entertainment in the Maltings by arranging a display of all kinds of vintage motorcycles, which always proves to be a very popular event.

Below are just a few of the photographs taken of the day's events.

Belly dancers at the Market House. Ref: DSC_2966

Ross Phoenix Majorettes, National Champions raise money for the girls with a stall at the Market House. Ref: DSC_2945

Martin Hayes shows his five year old Son, Edward the Suzuki 100 Trials Bike at the Maltings Vintage Motorcycle Exhibition. Ref: DSC_2817

Trilelema entertain the crowd at Ross Market. Ref: DSC_2976

Local musicians performing folk tunes at the Market House. Ref: DSC_3015

An Honour for Nigel Griffiths

Nigel Griffiths, the John Kyrle High School headmaster, is one of three finalists in the regional heat to find the head teacher of the year for the whole of the UK.
Nigel Griffiths was very pleased with being nominated and said, 'This is a very good way to end my fifth year as head at John Kyrle High School.'

David Hanson, Chief Executive of the Teaching Awards Trust said, 'Teaching Awards Winners are for ordinary people doing an extraordinary job, day in and day out. They represent everyone working in education across all key stages and every type of school.

The ten categories reflect different sectors within education to ensure that every role in schools, from head teacher to teaching assistant, is honoured and celebrated. We believe that there is no greater responsibility than teaching the next generation and that these people deserve recognition at a local and national level.

The Teaching Awards offer everyone the unique opportunity to thank those unsung heroes of teaching who make a real difference to pupils' lives.'

Category Winners and Finalists awarded Distinctions and Commendations will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in a range of categories including: the BT Award for Teacher of the Year in a Primary School, the Guardian Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School, the DES Innovation Unit Award for Lifetime Achievement, the Promethean Award for Head Teacher of the Year in a Primary School, the RAF Award for Head Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School and the Teacher Training Agency Award for Outstanding New Teacher.

The Trust has also introduced the Award for Healthy Schools, which is new for 2005, and will offer recognition to schools which have demonstrated a commitment to promoting healthy lifestyle.

Category Winners will be invited to attend the Teaching Awards 2005 National Ceremony, which will be held on Sunday, 16th October at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and will be broadcast on BBC2 the same day.

Nominations are already open for the Teaching Awards 2006 and can be submitted online at

Thank you to Chris Robertson, Editor of the Ross Gazette for supplying the information above when my emailed press release failed to arrive and the school had already closed for half term.

Pictured below, Nigel Griffiths - Head (right) and Bret Vinall - Deputy Head, with a selection of pupils from various age groups taught at JKHS.

Ref: DSC_2966

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