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Issue No. 46 [Back Issues]
24th May 2005

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The news . . .

There have been rather a lot of events to cover this week, the Pub & Club Regatta taking up a lot of the photographic space, so I have split this week's 'Wyenot News' into five pages. Compiling this photographic web news is somewhat different from compiling a newspaper or printed magazine in that I have to think about download times for dial-up users and have to worry how many photographs are on each page. I suspect that most people in the UK have broadband these days and that those in villages who cannot yet get it will be able to do so in the near future. Until everybody has it though, building for the majority is all I can do. I do however fully appreciate that this news will be slow loading for those using dial-up. I also try to consider all items covered in this weekly news with equal importance, so if your news item appears on page five, it is not a reflection on your event - it is purely division of the photographs between pages.

I would like to make Wyenot News a daily feature but at the moment, this is impossible due to lack of time. For the past two weeks, I have seen dawn crack and heard the birds tweeting before getting to bed on News Day. It's nearly 1:00 am as I type this and I still have at least an hour's work ahead of me. It all seems worth it though as Wyenot News is currently the third most popular area of the web site, after the home page and accommodation pages and it is viewed by many thousands of people, local and world wide every week. People in Australia and New Zealand start hitting the news pages within minutes of my uploading them to the server. The embarrassing thing is that, being tired, I usually don't spot the glaring grammatical errors until reading it through properly the following day.
I have a spelling chequer, it came with my P.C. It thankfully sorts out for me, miss takes I cannot sea. . .

Wok and Roll

Music lovers in the Village of Goodrich enjoyed an evening of 'Wok and Roll' at the Village Hall on Saturday evening. The evening began with a meal cooked by Jacki Tay, using his village famous wok and was followed by a 'top twenty' rock and roll songs, performed by artists 'Nuts & Bolts,' who teamed up specially for the evening. The songs were chosen from a list by the audience whilst they enjoyed Jacki's Chinese cuisine.

The evening of entertainment acted as a fund-raiser for 'Goodrich Music,' a local group whose aim is to bring music to Goodrich School and a musical event to the village, 'of the type not expected in a village hall' during the autumn of 2005.

Saturday's sell-out event was an instant success; all eighty tickets, selling at 12.50 per time going within days. Organizer, Tom Richardson said, 'We could have sold the tickets three times over but the village hall only has the capacity to cater for eighty people.

Pictured below: Event organizers, Jacki Tay, Tom Richardson, Matthew Constance, Andy Herbert and Keith Parnell.
The band - Matthew Parks - guitar, Oz Webb - drums, Jack Meadows - keyboards, Brian Fisher - vocals and Andy Herbert - Bass.

Ref: DSC_2648

Ref: DSC_2666

Amy wins an award in Canada

Amy Yates went to Canada to take place in a Karate tournament and won a Silver award in Kumite (fighting) for 14 / 15 year old girls. Girls from all over the world took part in the tournament. Amy has been training in Karate for six years. The squad of fourteen hopefuls who travelled to Canada won a total of sixteen medals.

Pictured below with Zoe Powell, who also took part in the Canadian tournament, Amy shows her medal. Below that, the pair can be seen engaged in combat in the gym at Bridstow School last Monday evening.

Ref: DSC_2497

Ref: DSC_2512

Ready Steady Win Bursary Awards

Ready Steady Win Bursary awards were presented on Monday, 16th May by Martin Hudson, director of PGL, at the Leadership Trust, Weston-under-Penyard to Alasdair Holbourn for skiing and to Robert Farrington for orienteering. The awards are to help fund training in their respective sports.

Ref: DSC_2481

Ref: DSC_2485

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