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Issue No. 43 [Back Issues]
3rd May 2005

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125 Years of Westons Cider

Bill Wiggin opens the 125th Anniversary Gate. Ref: DSC_1675

Westons Cider, deep in the Herefordshire countryside, is proud to celebrate its 125th Anniversary this year. Henry Weston, great grandfather of Helen Thomas, the company's Managing Director, moved to the Bounds in Much Marcle in 1878 and continued the tradition of using fruit from the farm orchards to make cider and perry. The development of commercial cider making began in 1880.

To celebrate the occasion, Westons has launched a specially created Anniversary Cider, '1880', which scooped a Gold Medal at the International Beer Competition last week in London.

Last Saturday, 30th May saw the highlight of this year's festivities when Bill Wiggin, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Leominster, commissioned a special gate in the Henry Weston Garden. This was followed by the launch of the Westons 125th Year Anniversary Book. Many people contributed towards the book, including Westons oldest customer, Lucy Powell from the Three Tuns, Hay-on-Wye and Paul Keetch, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Hereford and founder of the All Party Parliamentary Cider Group. Paul was among the invited guests to help celebrate the day.

The afternoon featured a 'Flavours of Herefordshire' cookery demonstration at the award winning Scrumpy House Restaurant and a chance to tour the Cider Mill. Throughout the day there were plenty of chances to sample '1880'.

At the end of the afternoon, a cheque for £1,026, from funds raised at the reopening of the 'Rare Breeds' Farm' was presented to the Air Ambulance. It was hoped that the Air Ambulance would fly in to collect the cheque but unfortunately it was called out to an emergency at the due time.

All photographs of this event are available for viewing in the gallery.

Helen Thomas, Managing Director and Paul Keetch MP at the Book launch. Ref: DSC_1715

Members of the 'Weston's Cider' family. Fran, Juliet, Liz, Melvyn, Helen, Henry, Maureen and Diana. Ref: DSC_1740

Presenting a cheque to the Air Ambulance. Dave Preston, Ann Newell of the Air Ambulance and Rose Manns - Visitor Centre Manager. Ref: DSC_1764

John Kyrle High School Charity Fundraiser a Great Success

The Gloucestershire Police Male Voice Choir and the John Kyrle High School Jazz Band performed in a joint concert at the school last Friday evening. The concert was in aid of the Brain Tumour Research Fund in memory of Matthew Beddard, a pupil of the school who died earlier this year. The evening was not only successful musically, but also as a charity event, raising over 700.

It was the first time the Gloucestershire Police Male Voice Choir, conducted by George Taylor, had performed in Ross-on-Wye. They sang a varied repertoire, from the moving operatic song Nessun Dorma to famous songs from the more modern musicals of Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera. The JKHS Jazz Band conducted by their Head of Music, Debra Blake, performed a number of 1940's big band classics and a medley from Chicago. Debra, who has been a guest artist at a number of the choir's previous concerts also sang two operatic arias. It was a moving concert not only because it was a fund-raising event for a cause very close to many there, but also as it was the final concert for a number of the senior sixth form students playing in the band.

Ref: DSC_1642

Ref: DSC_1654

April 2005 figures. . .

Last year, the one millionth 'hit' on occurred in the month of June. This year it occurred in April. As I have explained before however, 'hits', although a true measure of traffic in its own right, is not a term I like as one visit to a web page might generate twenty 'hits', depending how much is on the page. The figure also includes automated visits by search engine crawlers. The important figures used to determine the value of a web site are are 'unique visits' and 'page views'.

I decided this month to change the counter showing at the bottom of the web site so that it shows 'page views'. This counter, run by '', is independent of my server log and, as a visit to a page on Wyenot has to send a signal to this counter, it does not always register. Also, as I did not start it counting all pages until three years into the life of, the figure is under reading by several hundred thousand. The counter does not count my own visits for maintenance, nor does it count visits to the photograph galleries. It will give a rough idea of pages viewed on a daily basis from now on however if you note the figure at a similar time every day and subtract one from the other. The figures below are far more accurate and are generated directly from the web server.

The main visitor figures for between 1st and 30th April 2005:

Hits: 358,632.
Unique human visitors: 17,463.
Number of pages viewed by above visitors: 54,354.
Data downloaded (bandwidth used): 4,614,510 KBytes. (4.6 gigabytes)

The top ten most visited pages over the same period, highest to lowest were: Home Page, Accommodation, Wyenot News, Street Map, Site map, Pubs, Shops, The Saracen's Head, Scenic Ross-on-Wye, Wye Knot Inn, Dining Out.

As expected at the beginning of the tourist season, all pages of those advertising their accommodation on appeared within the top 40 most visited pages of the site.

990 people added home page to 'Favourites' on their web browser during the month.

April Unique Visitor figures for the web site over the past five years:

April 2001: 154
April 2002: 473
April 2003: 2,106
April 2004: 5,542
April 2005: 17,463.

The Hits and Page View figures for the month of April over the same period are many times higher.

The main visitor statistics for 2005 from 1st January to 30th April are as follows:

Hits: 1,153,097
Unique human visitors: 60,376
Number of pages viewed by above visitors: 174,167
Data downloaded (bandwidth used): 14,394,867 KBytes. (14.39 gigabytes)

Thank you for your visit and I hope you were able to find what you were looking for!

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