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Issue No. 37 [Back Issues]
22nd March 2005

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John Kyrle Sevens Success. The annual round of rugby tournaments in Herefordshire last week has seen some excellent performances by John Kyrle rugby squads.

On Tuesday at the Hereford Cathedral Sevens the year 9 squad beat Lucton School in the plate final. The team made the final following a victory over Haywood and a loss to eventual winners Hereford Cathedral in their pool games. Excellent defence and tries by Paul Beech, Lea Clement (2), Tom Tregaskes (2) and Michael Lloyd left Lucton thoroughly outplayed, JKHS winning 36-0.

Amongst an injury depleted Year 11 squad the aim was just to play some good rugby as expectations of success were not high. However victories over Lucton and Haywood, including the try of the tournament by Jason Price in the pool games set up a semi-final game against Hereford Cathedral. Unfortunately the fatigue effects of a First XV game the night before meant that HCS were just too fast and strong for JKHS with HCS going on to the final.

This result was reversed by the Year 7 squad at the Minster Sevens. After victories in all but one of their pool games (a narrow loss to Bishops) the team met Hereford Cathedral in the semis JKHS played the best rugby of the tournament to rout HCS 28 - 5 and set up another meeting with Bishops in the final. A score-line of 15-5 to JKHS did not reflect the amount of possession that JKHS held.

At the other end of the school the First XV continue preparations for the Brynley Jones Memorial Game to be held on Wednesday 23rd March, KO 4 pm.

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Successes for Ashfield Park. Ashfield Park Football and Netball teams - winners of the Ross and District Sport Association Football and Netball tournaments held at Ashfield Park on Wednesday, 16th March. St Josephs were very creditable runners up.

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Howle Hill Football Club. Playing in North Gloucestershire Division 1, Howle Hill FC are currently second. Another two wins and they will be promoted to North Gloucestershire Premier League.

Team pictured above - left to right:

Back: Elliot Regan, Steve Davies, Steve French, Tony Stevens, Anoy' Rio' , Wayne Jones, John Edwards aka Bass, Dave Jewell, Bobby Hatch and Andy Stacey - Manager.

Front: Ben Williams, C Stacey, Stuart Tucker, Lee Barrington, Ben Tumelty, Anthony Ballenger and Sean Scotford.

Archive Ross-on-Wye

The Cleeve

The photograph below was sent in by Dennis Morgan of Greytree and shows The Cleeve, at the bottom of Cleeve Lane. This is a 'real photo' postcard. The field was part of Lower Cleeve Farm, probably farmed by the Griffin Brothers. Any Information on the lady in corn field at Lower Cleeve would be appreciated.

In a shed, in a garden, lived a hermit. Not a damp dirty shed, full of worms, spiders and the smell of turpentine but a clean and tidy shed, an Aladdin's Cave of science and technology. This hermit liked to experiment with the wonders of modern science and the universe. Mostly, his experiments would go wrong but then one day last century . . .

The two photographs below are not actually of Ross-on-Wye but more of a kind of achievement of my own, which was reported by Martin Morris in the Ross Gazette back in 1985. As many readers will already know, before I started I was a keen radio amateur holding the call-sign G4RRT. (I still am in fact but just don't get the time to enjoy it.) I have also been very interested in the space programme, having followed it from the very beginning and travelling to California to watch the very first space shuttle land.

A big part of my amateur radio interest was sending and receiving both fast scan and slow scan television (SSTV) and this was done using 'home brew' equipment. Not plug-in computer cards, 'home brew' meaning soldering every component together and experimenting until, after many disasters, the device actually worked. Along with my friend, Mike Arnison (G4THC) in Cinderford, I was also interested in amateur radio via satellite - we spoke to one another briefly once (Ross-Cinderford-Ross) via a satellite passing over Central Africa, a radio path of many thousands of miles.

I could not believe my luck when, in 1985 NASA took up the Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment (SAREX), sending astronaut and USA licensed Tony England (call-sign W0ORE) into space on the shuttle with SSTV transmitting equipment.

To cut a really long story short, from the above mentioned shed in my garden in Cawdor, Ross-on-Wye, I managed to receive SSTV pictures from Tony England on board the space shuttle Challenger, which sadly exploded on take off a mission or so later, killing all on board. The photographs below are screen shots from the event, which was no mean feat, steering the ten element crossed yagi beam aerial on my shed roof to track the shuttle as it travelled at an altitude 199 miles and varying distance of between 320 and 1,800 miles whilst orbiting the earth at five miles per second. Watching live broadcasts from space can be done all too easily nowadays by purchasing a satellite television dish and tuning into NASA TV but back in 1985 a direct communication without the aid of Jodrell Bank was quite an achievement.

The left photograph shows the robotic arm and payload bay of Challenger with the Earth below. Right is Tony England on board Challenger.


Dear Alan, Just thought I would update you on my joyous reunion with my old WAAF friend who you so kindly helped to trace.

We have spent many happy hours reliving that time and learning about each other and our lives today. We are looking forward to meeting for the first time in 56 years on Friday 8th April, 2005. We will meet on Plymouth Railway Station whilst en route to an R.A.F. St. Eval Reunion which is being held at Newquay over the weekend 8th to 10th April. As the RAF Station has now gone, a memorial stone is being unveiled on Sunday 10th April 2005.

Should any of your readers wish to have further information may I suggest they look at the following site www.R.A.F.St. Eval (Coastal Command) Association where full details are shown.

Again our grateful thanks for your wonderful help. I will be in touch when I come back from the reunion. Hope you are well and business is booming.

Kindest Regards

Jude Durant.

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