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Issue No. 37 [Back Issues]
22nd March 2005

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Happy 100th Birthday, John!

Ref: DSC_9712

Congratulations to John George Donovan of Goodrich, on the occasion of his 100th birthday, Monday 21st March 2005!

Pictured left at his home, John proudly shows his birthday card from HM Queen Elizabeth II and a photograph of himself on a balloon, which was sent by friends at the Post Office.

Born in London, John won a scholarship to Wilson's Grammar School. He worked in telecommunications in London and was a very keen walker and cyclist during his younger days.

John once met Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout Movement.

John met his wife, Beatrice whilst on rambling tours in Kent and they married in 1937. He attended Hitler's Olympics in Berlin in 1936 and during the war, kept vital telecommunications links open.

After the war, John moved to Surrey, where his daughter, Susan was born in 1948 and son, Michael in 1951.

At the age of sixty, John took up the new profession of teaching telecommunications, physics and maths at a college in London.

Gracie Rose Hartley

And whilst on the subject of birthdays . . .

Congratulations to Tammy Williams and Ben Hartley on the birth of Gracie Rose!

Born at 20:30 on 15th March 2005 at Hereford County Hospital, Gracie weighed in at 7lb 12oz.

If you would like to make an announcement, please email details.


Whitchurch Primary School Easter Bazaar

Whitchurch Primary School Children, their families, friends and staff enjoyed a successful and busy morning at this year's Easter Bazaar, which took place on Saturday 19 March. This annual event was well supported and provided a wide variety of stalls, games and competitions to keep everyone well entertained throughout the morning.

The Class competitions proved extremely popular with entries being to a very high standard. Thank you to the judges, who certainly found it a challenge, having to select the first three in each Class and category.

The winners of the competitions were:
Key Stage 1 - Garden on a plate
Class One: 1st Rory Sanger, 2nd Max Cleaver, 3rd Jack O'Nions.
Class Two: 1st Stephen Howie, 2nd Olivia Jackson, 3rd Emily Rogers.

Key Stage 2 - Photograph of pet or favourite animal
Class 3: 1st Eloise Drake, 2nd Jack Robins, 3rd Cameron Powell.
Class 4: 1st Leosha Nicholls, 2nd Elena Knight, 3rd Henry Dudziec-Durn.

Key Stages 1 & 2 Design a Mask
Class 1: 1st Stephen Hughes, 2nd Jack O'Nions, 3rd Claire Hughes.
Class 2: 1st Joseph Robins 2nd Natasha Hughes 3rd Stephen Howie
Class 3: 1st Eloise Drake, 2nd Sam Sanger, 3rd Owen Darmody.
Class 4: 1st Rachel Dixon 2nd Lucy O'Nions 3rd Adam Darmody.

The PTFA would like to thank everyone who contributed towards this fund-raising morning, which made a magnificent profit of 570.

Garden on a Plate winners. Ref: DSC_9635

Design a Mask winners. Ref: DSC_9646

Ref: DSC_9649

Ross in Bloom Events 2005

Ross-in-Bloom will be branching out this year on the events side. As well as the usual Charities Market on "In Bloom" Day, in July they will be holding events on Bank Holiday Monday, 30th May and Bank Holiday Sunday, 28th August.

With support from the Chamber of Commerce, they will be having two Visual Arts Days, similar to the one put on last year. These will be held at the Market House and around Ross.

Ross-in-Bloom are looking for people to take up pitch space around the Market House - to sell their goods, demonstrate their crafts or to entertain the visitors. Pitch space is obviously at a premium so early booking will be essential. At this stage, anyone who wishes to take part is initially requested to contact Mary Powell at the Heritage Centre or Jo Ashman at Halcyon Daze. Telephone calls can be made on 01989 563056 before 8:30 pm Booking forms will be available shortly. Costs for pitches will be 5 for the day. This must be prepaid to secure a pitch. However, if anyone wishes to commit for both dates, the cost will be 8 for both together. This will cover Ross-in-Bloom's expenses for entertainers and the like. Bookings are open to anyone , including charities. Traders will be encouraged to set up outside their shops and cafes if they so wish.

Ross-in-Bloom hope to make these days very successful for the town, the first being an excellent lead into "In Bloom" for 2005.

In July the usual Charity Market will be held on "in Bloom" Day. As yet there is no date. However, once again Charities are asked to make initial enquiries to book their space as soon as possible. It is hoped to make the Heart of England Judges visit extra special by encouraging everyone in the town - shoppers, traders, etc., etc. - to dress up for the day in Historical Costume. The years to be depicted are from stone age to the World War II era.

Further details will be given out shortly as well as the date for a meeting where questions can be filed or suggestions and offers for costumes are given. This will be held one evening at the Phoenix Theatre.

The first newsletter for the year is now available with details of all competitions for this year, including the new Children's Competition. This is available from Halcyon Daze, Lucas Motorcycles and the Heritage Centre. Look in the press and on posters for more details of all the above.

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If you would like to join these supporters, please email or telephone: 01989 763217.

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