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Issue No. 35 [Back Issues]
8th March 2005

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Local People - Rena Russell

Rena Russell is a well known local personality, who moved to London from West Limerick in Ireland, finally settling in Ross-on-Wye approximately 21 years ago.

Rena was landlady of Connolly's Irish Pub in Gloucester Road (formerly and now once again The King's Arms). The pub was very popular and became well known as a folk music bar, which she ran for five years. Rena left Connolly's due to her family commitments, which became very demanding as her own children became older. She has been a foster carer for the last nineteen years, caring for around forty young people during this time.

Rena still lives a full and varied life, spending her time keeping the house running, whilst caring for her husband, Paul, her children, two dogs, Connie, who she acquired in exchange for a bottle of whisky, Jasper the Collie and her four cats.

Rena and her family like to take a holiday near the beach in Pembrokeshire every now and then to get away from it all. She is also a great rugby fan and avidly supports both Gloucester, where she is a season ticket holder, and Munster.

Pictured left - Rena at her home in Old Gloucester Road with her dog, Connie.

Topical Photography This Week

Ref: DSC_8749

Above: Local firemen after fighting a fire at Wye Valley Metals, St. Weonards. Eight engines attended the fire and five pumps were used to stop the fire, which was quickly extinguished, preventing an environmental issue.

Below: Pupils at Ashfield Park Primary School showing their collection of home made 'Shadufs'. Shaduf is the Arabic word for a device used to draw water from the River Nile.

School Logbooks dating back to the 1800s on display at the Heritage Centre as part of the 'School Days, Best of our Lives' exhibition, which will be continuing throughout the month of March..

The Mayor's Ball was held at the Chase Hotel on Saturday, 5th March. Left to Right: Siri Hayward - Mayor of Kidderminster and her husband Mel Hayward, Gill and Nigel Gibbs, Mayor and Mayoress of Ross-on-Wye, Pam and George Read MBE - Chairman Forest of Dean Council.

Ref: DSC_8762

Ref: DSC_8799

Ref: DSC_8840

Ross-on-Wye International Festival 2005

Some months ago, I added a page to stating that Ross-on-Wye International Festival 2005 will not be not taking place and that I was never involved in the event as an organizer in the first place. The page politely requested that hopeful performers and ticket buyers do not email or telephone me as I am unable to help - especially with an event which is not taking place.

Unfortunately however, the calls and emails keep coming. On the morning of Wednesday, 2nd March I received just such an email from a rock band in Zimbabwe which had performed at a past Ross-on-Wye International Festival and, because I did not respond within an hour they telephoned me from Zimbabwe on my mobile phone asking if they could perform this year. They insisted on forwarding me their CD.

Please - There really is no International Festival this year. If your band insists on sending me a CD in future, all it will do is boost my personal CD collection. I have nobody to pass it on to!

Bitte - es gibt wirklich kein internationales Festival dieses Jahr. Wenn Ihr Band auf dem Schicken mir einer CD in der Zukunft besteht, soll alles, das sie tut, meine persönliche CD-Ansammlung aufladen. Ich habe niemand, zum es zu an zu führen!

Tevreden - Er werkelijk zijn geen Internationale Festival dit jaar. Als uw band bij het verzenden van me CD voortaan aandringt, is allen het zal doen verhoging mijn persoonlijke CD inzameling. Ik heb niemand om door te geven het aan!

Svp - il n'y a vraiment aucun festival international cette année. Si votre bande insiste pour m'envoyer un CD à l'avenir, tout qu'il fera doit amplifier ma collection personnelle de CD. Je n'ai personne pour le passer dessus à!

Prego - non ci realmente è festival internazionale questo anno. Se la vostra fascia insiste sulla trasmissione me del CD in futuro, tutta che faccia deve amplificare la mia accumulazione personale del CD. Non ho nessuno per passarlo sopra a!

Por favor - não há realmente nenhum festival internacional este ano. Se sua faixa insistir em me emitir um CD no futuro, tudo que faça deve impulsionar minha coleção pessoal do CD. Eu não tenho ninguém para passá-lo sobre a!

Por favor - realmente no hay festival internacional este año. Si su venda insiste en enviarme un CD en futuro, toda lo que hará debe alzar mi colección personal del CD. ¡No tengo nadie para pasarla encendido a!

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