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Issue No. 12 [Back Issues]
28th September 2004

Chamber Concert at Hom Chapel

The Ross Classical Music Society held its fourth annual concert on Friday 24th September at Hom Church. The soloists were Mia Cooper (violin), Katherine Spencer (clarinet) and Daniel Tong (piano). Although still young, all three have performed at prestigious concert venues throughout Europe and have gained considerable praise and recognition in the world of chamber music.

The concert opened with Schumann's Phantasiestucke Op.73 for Clarinet and Piano. This was played with great expertise and feeling by both artists, who brought a wonderful romantic atmosphere to the work. It was followed by Beethoven's Violin and Piano Sonata No. 10, Op. 96. In this piece the violin really made its presence felt, beautifully played by Mia Cooper, especially in the haunting adagio and the final allegretto, in which piano and violin were in perfect harmony.

After a short drinks interval all three artists played Bartok's Contrasts Sx111. This was written in 1939

for the American jazz clarinettist, Benny Goodman, and seemed perfect for our performers who played it with great exuberance and obvious enjoyment which easily transferred to the audience - the highlight of the evening.

The concert finished with Khachaturian's Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano. This also was written in the 1930s but was very different from the Bartok. The inspiration for the work was Armenian folk songs, with exotic, elaborate eastern melodies, very plaintive and inventive.

A wonderful mixed programme, greatly enjoyed by all present. Special thanks go to George Vass who at the last moment was press-ganged into being page-turner.

The next meeting of the society will take place at Wolf Business Park, Alton Road, Ross, on Monday 18th October, when Dr. Joan Burns will give a talk, with musical illustrations, on The Faust Legend.

Photograph of Mia Cooper, violin, Katherine Spencer, clarinet and Daniel Tong, piano taken during rehearsals. Thank you for the unforgetable personal performance, without sheet music for the sake of the camera. Ref: DSC_4212

Conservation and Community Project Award for Ashfield Park Primary School

Ashfield Park Primary School were awarded a certificate for achieving 1st place in Herefordshire and the Wye Valley in Bloom's, 'Summertime Floral Compertition,' for 'Best Conservation and Community Project.

Ashfield Park is a registered 'Eco' school and won the award for their pond, which was built in April 2004 as an eco-project,

Led by Belinda Jones and the school's head, John Williams, this was a community project, supported by the Ryfield Centre and by parents of the school's pupils.

The project took three days to complete, with parents and year five and six children physically digging and building the pond.

Head Teacher, John Williams and Belinda Jones with children of Ashfield Park Primary School showing their certificate.

John Kyrle High School celebrates European Awareness Day

A lineup of European Dressers at John Kyrle High School. Ref: DSC_4262

The Languages' Department at John Kyrle High School was delighted with the success of European Awareness Day on Monday, 27th September.

The whole school took part in a non-uniform day when many pupils made the effort to dress up in typical costumes of the different countries, the dressers including a Frenchman in his stripy tee shirt and beret, a Spanish waiter, an Austrian hiker and a Welsh miner among others. The Languages staff also looked splendid as a German frauline, a Spanish flamenco dancer and a French waitress.

The pupils were able to spend their lessons completing a European quiz and many entered the poster competition with Europe as the theme.

Many staff entered into the spirit of the day with registers and/or lessons being done in a variety of languages - the French, German and Spanish that John Kyrle now offers plus languages as diverse as Catalan, Czech and Danish. The geography department also taught a special lesson on Europe. The canteen prepared a delicious European menu of pasta, paella, pizza, baguettes and apfelstrudel and awarded prizes for their quiz on European Christmas foods.

Everbody at the school thoroughly enjoyed the day and extended their knowledge of Europe and its languages. John Kyrle is thrilled to be your local school which is able to offer three foreign languages as part of its curriculum.

Merci. Danke. Gracias.

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