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No town web site would be complete without a collection of archive photographs for those who enjoy nostalgia and this page has links to various photographs I have either taken myself or been given for use by various people. My own photographs of Ross-on-Wye can only go back as far as 1976 as that is when I took up residence in the town, having moved here from Essex at the age of 22 years. When this web site was in its planning stage however, in 2000 AD, Chris Robertson kindly allowed me to go through the Ross Gazette collection, which was in boxes and in no particular order at the time. There was also little information available to go with the photographs I borrowed to scan. Those I did scan can be seen on five pages linked from below. Since launching this site, a few people have sent me material to use in this section and these are also linked to from below. Of my own photographs, I didn't really take many of the town until the idea of this web site came to me. There are a few below however, of various events I happened to be part of. During the years of 1979 to 1981 a friend and I used to go flying in a Cesna 172 aircraft once per month and some of the photographs I took whilst engaging in this activity are shown below.

I hope you enjoy viewing these pages.

[For much more coverage of events (since July 2004), see also the Wyenot News Back Issues]

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