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The other day in town I was asked by a lady who visits Wyenot regularly if I had taken any aerial photographs of Watling Street whilst the houses were being constructed. I was not sure but said I would look and would publish them for her if I had. I have since searched my old negatives from that era but I am afraid I did not have any of 'Watling Street'. The closest I could come was the bit of Roman Way between Walford Road and Corinium - Watling Street being just off the edge of the shot. Despite this particular photograph having been on this site before, I have published it again, third down on this page as the original page showed a scan of the rather poorly 'chemist shop processed' print and this version, direct from the negative is just a little sharper and covers a slightly larger area. I am sorry that the quality still leaves a lot to be desired due to reflections and 25 years worth of dust collecting. It would appear that Watling Street would have already been built in 1979 / 1980 (my flying years) as it is just the final corner of Roman Way which seems to have been still under construction at that time.

For those who like to see Ross-on-Wye the way it was these snap shots make interesting viewing. The top two are of Tudorville, with Purland, then 'Tudor Crescent' just visible in the top one and Tudor Rise, Woodedge and Tudor Street visible in both. The third down shows Roman Way, Duxmere Drive, Isca and Corinium. The bottom two are of Kerne Bridge and Goodrich Castle respectively. I do actually have quite a lot of aerial photographs of Ross-on-Wye from this period of my life and if the 'Grimm Reaper' is kind and doesn't pay me a visit before I manage to find the time, I will go through all of the negatives and publish more.
Here is the next in the series, added on 2 June 2004.

Walford Road, Purland (Tudor Crescent), Chapel Road, Tudor Street, Tudor Rise, Woodedge and part of Walford Avenue circa 1979.
Walford Road, Tudor Street, Tudor Rise, Woodedge and Walford Avenue circa 1979.
Lincoln Hill Estate.
Roman Way, Walford Road, Duxmere Drive, Isca, Corinium and a couple of streets of which the names temporarily elude me.
Kerne Bridge.
Kerne Bridge.
Goodrich Castle.
Goodrich Castle.


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